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Reason for using: mail herpetic neuralgia.Side Effects: minor sedation, slowed down engine co-ordination, anorexia, nausea, headaches, despondency, disarray and recollection impairment, furthermore LOL I pledge I'm getting certain thing like dyslexia, but I don't understand the correct med period for that. I do take a high dose.I'm wanting the side effects I'm experiencing will decline with time. It's employed wonders on my agony control. I take 1.5 mg every 6 hours (3X a day). Since my status is lifelong my dr said I will be taking the Klonopin long term. I'm marvelling about any person additional who has taken high doses long term. Do the side effects get better?

Reason for using: panic.Side Effects: gentle moodyness, gentle lethargy. overwhelm effortlessly with a normal workout regimetook for 1mg tender for 14 years, then halted for 2 years. withraw nearly slain me, had seizures. Back on it now after being med free for 2 years determined my life is much better on the meds. my fright attacks are very farthest though so i will likely be taking this for life, or until more study is finished on the origin of the attacks.

i can proceed out and have some what of a life without freaking out all the time. I can relaxe understanding everything will be ok and not anything is behind me its my mind imaging nothing.

Reason for using: bipolar 1, chronic ptsd, add.Side Effects: None, other than a little bit of sleepiness.In general, it's not ever a good concept to make sunshade declarations about ANY drug. All of our bodies are distinct, and so they are apt to reply distinctly to the identical medications. I've been taking Klonopin every day for 3 years. I take 2 mg each evening before bed for nightmares & jerking extremities/sleepwalking. If I have a ptsd strike throughout the day, I am permitted (by my doctor) to take 1mg as needed. I very seldom take this choice, and when I do, I actually don't seem any sort of "great" feeling. I just seem "a little bit" calmer. I've not ever sensed the need to take more of it. Stick to your own know-how please. AND IF YOU TAKE IT AS PRESCRIBED, YOU WON'T GET ADDICTED. You will get bodily reliant, but not addicted. There's a difference. If you have a good shrink, they can wean you off over a period of MONTHSSS. Try to do it yourself in days or even weeks and you will proceed through torment with any benzo. If you find it's addictive for you, do something

This surgery if taken as prescribed is very helpful and has kept me from having a dissolve down abounding of times.